• Olivier Lebleu

Running in Tel Aviv

I have had the opportunity to go to Tel Aviv many times in the past five years on business. During one of my stays, I took the opportunity to go on a run through "The White City" with Runnin'City and explore every corner.

Several things really caught my eye in Tel Aviv: the countless Bauhaus-style houses, the striking contrast between surfers on the beach and the presence of business centers just a few meters away, the number of people running and cycling along the magnificent seafront, the quality of the beach's sports facilities; weight benches, volleyball nets and more!

Visiting Tel Aviv with Runnin'City takes you through the alleys of Jaffa's old town, certainly my favorite part.

Like me, if you are in Tel Aviv or one of the other 200 cities that Runnin'City has routes in, take the opportunity to go out and stretch your legs.

As Kilian Jornet says, "there is no better way to explore a city than by running it."

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